TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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The volatility of our stock price may result in loss of investment

Our share price has been and may continue to be subject to substantial fluctuation. We believe that market prices for securities of companies that provide outsourced customer care management services have experienced volatility in recent years and such volatility may affect our stock price as well. As we continue to diversify our service offerings to include growth, technology and strategic consulting, our stock price volatility may stabilize, or it may be further impacted by stock price fluctuations in these new industries. In addition to fluctuations specific to our industry and service offerings, we believe that various other factors such as general economic conditions, changes or volatility in the financial markets, and changing market condition for our clients could impact the valuation of our stock. The quarterly variations in our financial results, acquisition and divestiture announcements by us or our competitors, strategic partnerships and new service offering, our failure to meet our growth objectives or exceed our targets, and securities analysts’ perception about our performance could cause the market price of our shares to fluctuate substantially in the future.

Our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer controls a  majority of our stock and has control over all matters requiring action by our stockholders

Kenneth D. Tuchman, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, directly and beneficially owns approximately 68% of TTEC’s common stock. As a result, Mr. Tuchman could and does exercise significant influence and control over our business practices and strategy, including the direction of our business and our dividend policy, and all matters requiring action by our stockholders, including the election of our entire Board of Directors and our capital structure. Further, a change in control of our company or significant capital transactions could not be affected without Mr. Tuchman’s approval, even if such a change in control or other capital transactions could benefit our other stockholders.




We have not received written comments regarding our periodic or current reports from the staff of the SEC that were issued 180 days or more preceding the end of our 2018 fiscal year that remain unresolved.



Our corporate headquarters are located in Englewood, Colorado, which consists of approximately 264,000 square feet of owned office space. In addition to our headquarters and the customer engagement centers used by our Customer Management Services and Customer Growth Services segments discussed below, we also maintain sales and consulting offices in several countries around the world which serve our Customer Technology Services and Customer Strategy Services segments.

As of December 31, 2018 we operated 85 customer engagement centers that are classified as follows:


Multi-Client Center — We lease space for these centers and serve multiple clients in each facility;


Dedicated Center — We lease space for these centers and dedicate the entire facility to one client; and


Managed Center — These facilities are leased or owned by our clients and we staff and manage these sites on behalf of our clients in accordance with facility management contracts.