TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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Customer Technology Services Segment

In connection with the design of the customer engagement strategy, our ability to architect, deploy and host or manage the client’s customer experience environments becomes a key enabler to achieving and sustaining the client’s customer engagement vision. Given the proliferation of mobile communication technologies and devices, we enable our clients’ operations to interact with their customers across the growing array of channels including email, social networks, mobile, web, SMS text, voice and chat. We design, implement and manage cloud, on-premise or hybrid customer experience environments to deliver a consistent and superior experience across all touch points on a global scale that we believe result in higher quality, lower costs and reduced risk for our clients. Through our Humanify™ Technology Platform, we also provide data-driven context aware software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) based solutions that link customers seamlessly and directly to appropriate resources, any time and across any channel.

TTEC Engage houses our end-to-end managed services operations for customer care, revenue growth, digital fraud prevention and detection, and content moderation services.

Customer Growth Services Segment

We offer integrated sales and marketing solutions to help our clients boost revenue in new, fragmented or underpenetrated business-to-consumer or business-to-business markets. We deliver or manage approximately $4 billion in client revenue annually via the discovery, acquisition, growth and retention of customers through a combination of our highly trained, client-dedicated sales professionals and proprietary analytics platform. This platform continuously aggregates individual customer information across all channels into one holistic view so as to ensure more relevant and personalized communications.

Customer Management Services Segment

We design and manage clients’ front-to-back office processes to deliver just-in-time, personalized, protected, multi-channel interactions. Our front-office solutions seamlessly integrate voice, chat, email, e-commerce and social media to optimize the customer experience for our clients. In addition, we manage certain client back-office processes to enhance their customer-centric view of relationships and maximize operating efficiencies. We also perform fraud prevention and content moderation services to protect our clients and their customers from malevolent digital activities. Our delivery of integrated business processes via our onshore, offshore or work-from-home associates reduces operating costs and allows customer needs to be met more quickly and efficiently, resulting in higher satisfaction, brand loyalty and a stronger competitive position for our clients.

Based on our clients’ requirements, we provide our services on an integrated cross-business segment and on a discrete basis.

Additional information with respect to our segments and geographic footprint is included in Part II, Item 8. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data, Note 3 to the Consolidated Financial Statements.

Our Competitive Strengths

We believe that our differentiation lies in our integrated unified offering and our holistic approach to customer experience and engagement as an end-to-end provider of customer engagement services, technologies, insights and innovations. Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service includes customer strategy, technology services, customer management, growth and protections services. We also believe that our insight-driven technological solutions, innovative human capital strategies and globally scaled and deployed best practices in operational excellence are key elements to our continued industry leadership.

As the complexity and pace of technological change required to deliver our omnichannel customer engagement increases, the successful execution of our principal corporate strategies depends on our competitive strengths, which are briefly described below:


Our industry reputation and leadership position reflecting more than three decades of delivering integrated customer engagement solutions to our clients;


Omnichannel, multi-modal solutions that meet the rapidly changing profile of the customer and their heightened expectations;