TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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Scalable technology and human capital infrastructure using globally deployed best practices to ensure a consistent, high-quality service;


Tailored and optimized customer care delivery through the use of proprietary workforce hiring, award-winning training and development programs, and performance optimization methodology and tools; and


Commitment to continued investment and innovation that enhances the strategic capabilities of our clients.

Technological Excellence

Our Humanify Technology Platforms are based on secure, cost effective infrastructure – leveraging private/public infrastructure. This architecture enables us to centralize and standardize our worldwide delivery capabilities resulting in improved scalability and quality of delivery for our clients, as well as lower capital, and lower information technology (“IT”) operating costs.

The foundation of these platforms are our regionally-based, globally synched data centers located on five continents. Our data centers provide a fully integrated suite of voice and data routing, workforce management, quality monitoring, business analytics and storage capabilities, enabling seamless operations from any location around the globe. This hub and spoke model enables us to provide our services at competitive cost while increasing scalability, reliability, asset utilization and the diversity of our service offerings. It also provides an effective redundancy for timely responses to system interruptions and outages due to natural disasters and other conditions outside our control. We monitor and manage our data centers 24 x 7, 365 days per year from several strategically located global command centers to ensure the availability of our redundant, fail-over capabilities for each data center.

Importantly, this platform has become the foundation for new, innovative offerings including TTEC’s cloud-based offerings (e.g. Humanify Operations/Insights Platform), Humanify @Home for remote omnichannel agents, and our suite of human capital solutions.

Further, our Humanify Technology Platforms leverage reference architectures for multiple scenarios whether we are operating the platforms and the services, implementing customized platforms for clients, or providing advanced managed services, continuous and automated development environments.  We also provide clients with highly secure/compliant solutions with respect to regional (e.g. GDPR) and/or specific industry standards (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, etc.).

Innovative Human Capital Strategies

Our globally located, highly trained employees are a crucial component of the success of our business. We have made significant investments in proprietary technologies, management tools, methodologies and training processes in the areas of talent acquisition, learning services, knowledge management, workforce collaboration and performance optimization. These capabilities are the culmination of more than three decades of experience in managing large, global workforces combined with the latest technology, innovation and strategy in the field of human capital management. This capability has enabled us to deliver a consistent, scalable and flexible workforce that is highly engaged in achieving or exceeding our clients’ business objectives.

Globally Deployed Best Operating Practices

Globally deployed best operating practices assure that we deliver a consistent, scalable, high-quality experience to our clients’ customers from any of our 85 customer engagement centers and work from home associates around the world. Standardized processes include our approach to attracting, screening, hiring, training, scheduling, evaluating, coaching and maximizing associate performance to meet our clients’ needs. We provide real-time reporting and analytics on performance across the globe to ensure consistency of delivery. This information provides valuable insight into what is driving customer inquiries, enabling us to proactively recommend process changes to our clients to optimize their customers’ experience.