TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines


Equity provides the opportunity for the company to further invest in the employees who passionately uphold our values while driving the business with an entrepreneurial spirit. Company leaders who think and act like owners are crucial to our success and encouraging star players to actively participate in company growth is key to building our future together.


When a company’s board of directors, shareholders and employees align their interest in organization’s long- term success, the stage is set for true transformation. To that end, TTEC has adopted Stock Ownership Guidelines to encourage company leaders (vice president-level and above) to align their interests with TTEC and our stockholders and to focus on value creation, while sharing in the company’s success. The following are answers to questions you may have about TTEC’s new Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines.


Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines


Q.   Why are we implementing an Ownership Guideline?

A.    The Guidelines are designed to align our senior leaders’ interests with our shareholders’ interest, driving a long-term vision and commitment to creating company value. The Executive Ownership Guidelines are also designed to:



Support confidence in company strategy to execute our business transformation


Allow us to remain an attractive and competitive choice for executive-level talent by adopting best practices


Align executive behavior with external shareholder expectation


Drive long-term accountability


Enable company success


Q.   How much stock should I hold as a company leader?

A.   The new Executive Stock Ownership Guidelines call for TTEC vice presidents and above to hold a multiplier of base compensation in TTEC stock (based on Fair Market Value (FMV) of stock as it trades on NASDAQ). Employees will have five years from the start of this requirement (or promotion into a new role) to meet the holding Guidelines.





Target Holding Amount
within 5 Years

Chief Financial Officer

3 times current base salary

Executive Vice President

2.5 times current base salary

Senior Vice President

1.5 times current base salary

Vice President

0.5 times current base salary


Q.   Do I have to buy TTEC stock to meet this holding Guideline?

A.   TTEC does not expect you to buy TTEC stock to meet the holdings Guidelines, and how you meet them is entirely up to you. Most employees will be able to meet the requirement by holding a portion of their annual equity grant (net of tax), as it vests.