TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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e.    CooperationIf the Parties hereto determine that any payments or benefits payable under this Agreement intended to comply with Section 409A do not so comply, Executive and the Company agree to amend this Agreement, or take such other actions as Executive and the Company deem necessary or appropriate, to comply with the requirements of Section 409A, while preserving benefits that are, in the aggregate, no less favorable than the benefits as provided to Executive under this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement would cause such payments or benefits to fail to so comply, such provision shall not be effective and shall be null and void with respect to such payments or benefits, and such provision shall otherwise remain in full force and effect.


a.    Severability.  If any court of competent jurisdiction declares any provision of this. Agreement invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain fully enforceable. To the extent that any court concludes that any provision of this Agreement is void or voidable, the court shall reform such provision(s) to render the provision(s) enforceable, but only to the extent absolutely necessary to render the provision(s) enforceable.

b.    Modification of AgreementThis Agreement or any other term or condition of employment shall not be modified by word or deed, except in writing signed by the Executive and the Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer or Chief Executive Officer for TTEC Parent.

c.    Waiver.  No provision of this Agreement shall be deemed waived: nor shall there be an estoppel against the enforcement of any such provision, except by a writing signed by the party charged with the waiver or estoppel. No waiver shall be deemed continuing unless specifically stated therein, and the written waiver shall operate only as to the specific term or condition waived, and not for the future or as to any act other than that specifically waived.

d.    ConstructionWhenever applicable, masculine and neutral pronouns shall equally apply to the feminine genders; the singular shall include the plural and the plural shall, include the singular. The Parties have reviewed and understand this Agreement, and each has had a full opportunity to negotiate the agreement's terms and to consult with counsel of their own choosing. Therefore, the Parties expressly waive all applicable common law and statutory rules of construction that any provision of this Agreement should be construed against the agreement's drafter and agree that this Agreement and all amendments thereto shall be construed as a whole, according to the fair meaning of the language used.

e.    Relationship Between This Agreement and Other Company Agreements.  In the event of any direct conflict between any term of this Agreement and any TTEC contract, policy, procedure, guideline or other publication addressing the same terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall control Mr. Tsai's employment.

f.     Greatest Net Benefit.

(i)    Anything in this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, in the event that the Executive determines (at his/her discretion and expense) that the receipt of any payments hereunder would subject the Executive to tax under Internal Revenue Code (the "Code") Section 4999 or a successor provision, the Executive shall have the option at his/her discretion to cause TTEC Parent or successor to reduce the payment due to the Executive under this Agreement so that the net (after tax) benefit of the payments to the Executive is maximized ("Reduced Payment Election"). The Executive shall have forty-five (45) calendar days from receipt of notice of the payment due under this Agreement or the payment itself under this Agreement, as the case may be, to advice TTEC Parent or successor of such election.

(ii)   If the Executive accepts the full payment hereunder and thereafter within the period provided above determines that he/she wants to make the Reduced Payment Election, any payments received by the Executive in excess of the amount payable under Reduced Payment Election shall be treated for all purposes as a loan ab initio to the Executive, which the Executive shall repay to TTEC Parent or successor, together with appropriate interest at the applicable federal rate provided for in Section 7872(f)(2) of the Code, within sixty (60) days of the Reduced Payment Election.

(iii)  Nothing in this Section 12(f) shall be interpreted to compel the Executive to make the Reduced Payment Election.