TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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Q.   Do I have to buy TTEC stock to meet this holding Guideline?

A.   TTEC does not expect you to buy TTEC stock to meet the holdings Guidelines, and how you meet them is entirely up to you. Most employees will be able to meet the requirement by holding a portion of their annual equity grant (net of tax), as it vests.


Q.   How many shares should I consider holding from each RSU grant to meet the holding Guidelines?

A.   How much you hold from each grant and from each vesting event is entirely up to you. Based on basic modeling, however, we believe that if you hold a percentage of each vesting event from annual Equity Grants (net of tax as indicated in the table below) you should comfortably reach the holding requirement in five years or sooner.

The holding guideline can be satisfied with any stock you hold including:


the exercise of options to purchase the company’s common stock


the vesting of restricted stock; and


the vesting of performance shares.



Guideline of Percentage of
Net Shares to Hold

Executive Vice President


Senior Vice President


Vice President



Once the holding target is reached, you should maintain it during your entire tenure in the role; and as your role changes be aware of the changes in the holding guidelines as well.


Q.   What happens if I don’t reach my target holding amount within the five-year time frame due to market volatility or amount of my equity awards?

A.   If the actual Equity Grants you receive and/or market price volatility does not allow an employee to reach the target holding level within the required five-year time frame, the company does not expect employees to invest out of pocket. The company expects the Equity Grants you receive to be the source for the holding requirement and we look to you as a leader to exercise a good faith effort to honor the requirements. If the Equity Grants you receive or market volatility creates a challenge, discuss the matter with your supervisor and your HC partner for a practical resolution.


Q.   What if I have a special situation (hardship) that makes maintaining the holding requirement difficult for me?

A.   The Executive Ownership Guidelines is designed to align your interests with the company’s interests and position you to share in our success. If your personal situation makes the compliance with the Ownership Guidelines a hardship, speak to your HC partner and the Executive Committee level executive responsible for your business segment for guidance and support.


Q.   Whom should I contact with questions?

A.   If you have questions, please contact Pam LeMasters, director, Global Compensation via email or by phone at 303.397.8531.