TTEC HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/06/2019
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(ii)   If the Employee accepts the full payment hereunder and thereafter within the period provided above determines that he/she wants to make the Reduced Payment Election, any payments received by the Employee in excess of the amount payable under Reduced Payment Election shall be treated for all purposes as a loan ab initio to the Employee, which the Employee shall repay to TTEC Parent or successor, together with appropriate interest at the applicable federal rate provided for in Section 7872(f)(2) of the Code, within sixty (60) days of the Reduced Payment Election.

(iii)  Nothing in this Paragraph 8(j) shall be interpreted to compel the Executive to make the Reduced Payment Election.

k.    Assignment and Assumption of Agreement. Concurrently with any Change in Control event or a business combination that may impact the legal implications of this Agreement, the Company, TTEC Parent shall cause any successor or transferee to assume unconditionally, by written instrument delivered to Employee, all of the obligations of the Company and TTEC Parent hereunder.  Failure of the Company or TTEC Parent to obtain such assumption prior to the effectiveness of any Change in Control event or other business combination, shall be a breach of this Agreement and shall constitute Good Reason entitling the Employee to resign, within thirty (30) calendar days of consummation of such Change of Control event or business combination, and receive compensation and benefits as provided in Paragraph 6(i).

l.     Controlling Provisions.  The employment arrangement contemplated by this Agreement includes other related documents in addition to this Employment Agreement, some of which are TTEC Parent and the Company’s standard documents not otherwise tailored to this transaction. To the extent any provisions of these related agreements contradict the clear provisions and terms of this Employment Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall be controlling.

Ms. McLean acknowledges and agrees that she reviewed and fully understands the terms and provisions of this Agreement; that she enters into it freely, knowingly, and mindful of the fact that it creates important legal obligations and affects her legal rights; and that she understands the need to and has had the opportunity to consult with counsel (if she so wishes) concerning this Agreement with legal counsel.











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Margaret B. McLean


Regina M. Paolillo, Chief Administrative Officer